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A New Take on Light Duty

December 9th, 10a-11a

Join us for an overview of Modified Duty offsite.

  • Work from home MDOS options
  • Non-profit light duty options
  • Solutions provided to employers.

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Develop Your Transitional Work Program for Free With BWC Grant Money. January 14, 10-11a

Join us for a webinar outlining the BWC recently allocated to 100% cover the development of a transitional work program (TWP). A formal return-to-work plan has proven to speed up the process of getting injured employees back to work - either in their original job or a temporary work assignment. Topics will include:

  • BWC Requirements
  • Benefits & Details
  • Process of Development 
  • Additional Savings Opportunities 

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Managing COVID work/comp claims (and other updates) January 20th, 10a-11a

Ohio BWC updates and information on COVID-19 claims. 

  • OBWC recent news and updates
  • Claim process start to finish
  • How COVID and infectious diseases impact work comp.
  • Who does the burden of proof fall on to determine if COVID is compensable?


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FMLA Update February 16, 10a-11a

Family Medical Leave Act usage and abuse is at an all time high, what can be done:

  • What's New
  • Tracking Strategies
  • Role of the employer
  • Protecting liability

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Updates on Unemployment

March 4, 10a-11a

Join our Unemployment experts to discuss national scams that will raise your rates: 

  • Fraud
  • Tax savings opportunities 
  • Claim management strategies
  • Common Rating
  • Voluntary Contribution 

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