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Introducing SiteDocs 

June 9, 10a-11a EST 

  • Manage your entire workplace safety program from mobile apps and the web. 
  • Build forms
  • Use App on Site
  • Monitor Compliance 
  • Analyze Data 
  • Integration & Sharing 

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The Enneagram in Business 

June 29, 10a-11a EST

  • A transformative tool for understanding your team’s motivation—which is the root cause of all decisions.

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How is Mental Health Impacting your Business? 

July 15, 10a-11:30a EST

  • Special host Julie Holden with an expertise in Workplace Mental Health and Absence & Disability Management Strategies. 

  • Learn how mental health is affecting your business and your employees.

  • Ways you as a business owner can develop strategies for a positive outcome. 

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Stop the Bleed and Hands On CPR

July 21, 10a-11a EST

  • Build national resilience and learn life-saving bleeding control techniques to aid individuals in a variety of situations.

  • Basic tools and information on the simple steps they can take in an emergency situation to stop life threatening bleeding can save lives

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Navigating the Complicated Web of ADA/FMLA and Job Performance 

August 10, 10a-11a EST

  • We will cover the often complex overlap of employer responsibilities regarding absenteeism, reasonable accommodations, and job performance under ADA and FMLA.

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How Investigations Can Help You 

August 18, 10a-11a EST 

  • Join special guest, Jim Anderson, from Infoquest as he discusses the importance of investigations and how it can help you. 
  • Real life success stories in closing down claims. 

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