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Staffing Your Safety Project Webinar

Tuesday, February 24th 10am EST

• Are you required to hire a safety professional

• General obligations of the employer under the OSH act

• What to look for in a safety professional

• Who to partner with (hint: US!)

• Financial sense of using a safety professional

• What to ask when interviewing the safety professional

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COVID Claims Management and Considerations Webinar 

Thursday, March 2nd 10am EST

  • When is COVID-19 considered a compensable occupational disease in Ohio?
  • What are the elements of a compensable occupational disease for purposes of Ohio workers’ compensation?
  • What steps can an employer take to mitigate their risk of COVID-19 claims?
  • What are the potential defenses available if an employee files a workers’ compensation claim for COVID-19?
  • How have Ohio Courts treated claims involving airborne diseases previously?
  • What is the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation doing to assist Ohio employers with regard to COVID-19?

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