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Staffing Your Safety Project Webinar

Tuesday, February 24th 10am EST

• Are you required to hire a safety professional

• General obligations of the employer under the OSH act

• What to look for in a safety professional

• Who to partner with (hint: US!)

• Financial sense of using a safety professional

• What to ask when interviewing the safety professional

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Schedule Safety Training:

Forklift, Aerial Lift, Fall Protection, OSHA 10 (General Ind. & Construction), Facility Evaluation, Trenching/Excavating, 

Thank you for visiting the Ascent Safety learning center. Below are all upcoming virtual safety training topics. All of these sessions meet the Ohio BWC "Green Year Safety" training requirements. 


For any questions or issues accessing the webinar links, please reach Josh Livingston at jlivingston@ascentsafetysolutions.com or 513.283.2681.

Ascent Safety Learning Center

Welcome to the Ascent Safety Learning Center! Our learning center features a variety of pre-recorded webinars, live-webinars, and live in-person training workshops. Whether you are satisfying a BWC requirement, furthering your safety education, or are in a new role handling safety – our training options are a great resource. For further information, or to schedule a training at your facility, please email info@ascentrmg.com or call 513.351.1222. 


Roundtable Session #3 Fundamentals Of Risk

Thursday Jan. 14, 11a-12

Join us for a free interactive safety roundtable discussion. These sessions will continue monthly, giving those in the industry an open forum to discuss pertinent safety topics, challenges, solutions, etc. 

Fundamentals of Risk:

  • Risk identification & assessment
  • Risk decisions & acceptable risk

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COVID Claims Management and Considerations Webinar 

Thursday, March 2nd 10am EST

  • When is COVID-19 considered a compensable occupational disease in Ohio?
  • What are the elements of a compensable occupational disease for purposes of Ohio workers’ compensation?
  • What steps can an employer take to mitigate their risk of COVID-19 claims?
  • What are the potential defenses available if an employee files a workers’ compensation claim for COVID-19?
  • How have Ohio Courts treated claims involving airborne diseases previously?
  • What is the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation doing to assist Ohio employers with regard to COVID-19?

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Roundtable Session #3 Safety Awareness

Thursday Feb. 11, 11a-12

Join us for a free interactive safety roundtable discussion. These sessions will continue monthly, giving those in the industry an open forum to discuss pertinent safety topics, challenges, solutions, etc. 

Safety Awareness:

  • Attitudes & mental states that could lead to bad risk decisions
  • Distractions - internal & external 

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How to Conduct Effective Safety Training - Tuesday August 30, 10am

This two-hour BWC Green Year safety training will cover an overview for methods and techniques to take your safety training program to the next level.

• Training Needs Assessment – What do your employees really need to know?
• Effective training techniques – avoid death by Powerpoint while improving retention and motivation
• Training records and calendars – Avoid stress by having a well thought through plan

Building a Safety Culture - Tuesday September 27, 10a

This webinar focuses on the strategies and benefits of improving Safety Culture, our goal is to help you develop a work environment where employees:

  • Are motivated about Safety because they feel it is important to them
  • Feel empowered to address safety issues
  • Are competent, confident and concerned
  • Understand that Safety is just as important as Production, Quality and Cost

There is no easy road to achieving Safety Culture, but consistent application of the principles of this course will move your company in the right direction.

OSHA Workplace Inspections: What to Know Tuesday October 25, 10am

If OSHA knocked on your company's door, would you be ready? Do you know what might put you at increased risk for an inspection? Do you know what to expect during an inspection? And after? Join us during this webinar to get answers to your questions on the OSHA inspection process.

  • What goes on during inspection
  • What OSHA inspectors look for
  • What your rights are as an employer
  • How to get fines reduced

Recognizing Hazards: How Your Eyes Can Save Money. Tuesday November 29, 10am

This webinar focuses on the methods which can be used to improve the recognition of hazards

  • Training of employees and management
  • Common hazards in General Industry and Construction
  • Commonly used recognition techniques

How to Meet Recordkeeping Requirements Tuesday January 31, 10am

This webinar provides an overview regarding the OSHA requirements for recording (and sometimes reporting) work related injuries:

  • Recording criteria.
  • Determination of work-relatedness
  • Determination of new cases
  • General recording criteria

Contractor Safety Management. Tuesday February 28, 10am

This webinar provides an overview for a management system which can minimizes the risk to workers and reduce liability, we will discuss

  • OSHA’s multi-employer worksite policy
  • Liability associated with contractor
  • Contractor Pre-Qualification
  • Client and Contractor responsibilities
  • Hazard recognition, communication and planning in the multi-employer work environment

Investigating Workplace Accidents. Tuesday March 28, 10am

This Accident Investigation Webinar covers an introduction to basic accident investigation procedures and defines accident analysis techniques. Course topics include:

  • Job hazard analysis
  • Reasons for conducting accident investigations
  • Employer responsibilities related to workplace accident investigations
  • Accident investigation procedure.

Upon workshop completion attendees will have the basic skills necessary to conduct an effective accident investigation at the workplace and prevent future recurrences

Reducing Risk Through the Hierarchy of Controls Tuesday April 25, 10am

This webinar focuses on methods and techniques which can be used to reduce risk in your facility through the following approach to hazard reduction:

  • Elimination
  • Substitution
  • Engineering Controls
  • Administrative
  • Personal Protective Equipment

Heat Stress/Worker Fatigue. Tuesday May 30, 10am

This webinar will discuss how to prevent heat stress in workers, common contributors to heat stress, characteristics and treatment of several heat-related illnesses.

Workplace Ergonomics. Tuesday June 13, 10am

This webinar focuses on methods and techniques which can be used to reduce the risk of ergonomic injury in your facility, we will review

  • Risk Factors
  • Signs and Symptoms of ergonomic injuries
  • Assessment methods
  • Risk Reduction methods (following the Hierarchy of Controls)

Mental Health in the Workplace. Tuesday June 27, 10am

This two-hour webinar provides an overview for management to discuss mental health in the workplace and strategies to maintain your well-being on the job.

  • Focus on mental health issues that affect abilities to perform in the workplace and at home.
  • How to recognize mental illness in the workplace
  • Help execute strategies to increase workplace wellness and mental health
  • Discuss strategies on how to prioritize mental health
  • Learn how to break down the stigma and help support mental health in the workplace