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SAFESTAFF, a woman owned business founded by Ascent leader Jessica Esterkamp, offers national safety staffing solutions to all industries with special expertise in construction, manufacturing, and power facilities. 

Hiring one or more Qualified Safety Professionals for a temporary or short-term job site can be time consuming and expensive. SAFESTAFF offers a unique process that takes the guesswork out of delivering high quality safety leaders to manage your project and/or subcontractors. 

Whether your project requires a full-time safety representative on-site, you're above the employee limit on your project, or your facility is experiencing a shutdown and you need safety oversight, we can provide a custom solution ranging from a few hours a day to seven days a week.

Our thorough screening process is required for all of our Safety Professional candidates including certification verificatons, reference checks, drug testing, personality profile assessment, safety testing, and an extensive pre-interview process. After we have verified the Safety Professional's experience and approach are a good fit for your needs and culture, we complete a seamless orientation process and provide ongoing support. 



  • Zero Overhead. No need to provide benefits, workers' compensation coverage or unemployment
  • Custom Schedule
  • "Rent to Own" option to retain the resource full time
  • Ability to staff nationwide
  • Reduced time spent on vetting resources and orientations
  • Flexible Commitment. You determine how much time you need from your safety professionals, whether that is project based or a long-term arrangement.