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Thank you for visiting the Ascent Safety learning center. Below are all upcoming virtual safety training topics. All of these sessions meet the Ohio BWC "Green Year Safety" training requirements. 


For any questions or issues accessing the webinar links, please reach Josh Livingston at jlivingston@ascentsafetysolutions.com or 513.283.2681.

Investigating Workplace Accidents. Tuesday March 28, 10am

This Accident Investigation Webinar covers an introduction to basic accident investigation procedures and defines accident analysis techniques. Course topics include:

  • Job hazard analysis
  • Reasons for conducting accident investigations
  • Employer responsibilities related to workplace accident investigations
  • Accident investigation procedure.

Upon workshop completion attendees will have the basic skills necessary to conduct an effective accident investigation at the workplace and prevent future recurrences

Reducing Risk Through the Hierarchy of Controls Tuesday April 25, 10am

This webinar focuses on methods and techniques which can be used to reduce risk in your facility through the following approach to hazard reduction:

  • Elimination
  • Substitution
  • Engineering Controls
  • Administrative
  • Personal Protective Equipment

Heat Stress/Worker Fatigue. Tuesday May 30, 10am

This webinar will discuss how to prevent heat stress in workers, common contributors to heat stress, characteristics and treatment of several heat-related illnesses.

Workplace Ergonomics. Tuesday June 13, 10am

This webinar focuses on methods and techniques which can be used to reduce the risk of ergonomic injury in your facility, we will review

  • Risk Factors
  • Signs and Symptoms of ergonomic injuries
  • Assessment methods
  • Risk Reduction methods (following the Hierarchy of Controls)

Mental Health in the Workplace. Tuesday June 27, 10am

This two-hour webinar provides an overview for management to discuss mental health in the workplace and strategies to maintain your well-being on the job.

  • Focus on mental health issues that affect abilities to perform in the workplace and at home.
  • How to recognize mental illness in the workplace
  • Help execute strategies to increase workplace wellness and mental health
  • Discuss strategies on how to prioritize mental health
  • Learn how to break down the stigma and help support mental health in the workplace