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Safety Services Overview


Ascent offers a wide range of safety services that focus on CULTURE as the most important component of making positive long term change. Ascent provides assistance in the following areas that are important to developing a culture where safety truly is the most important thing...

  • Assessing the current environment
  • Addressing any safety gaps in the program
  • Developing policies and procedures for moving forward
  • Training all leaders and employees on the policies and procedures 
  • Provide leadership training on pro-active communication techniques 
  • Ongoing conversation, measurements, and reporting 
  • Leadership showing safety is truly most important by their own example

Through the course of working with clients on any aspects that require assistance, Ascent can provide staffing assistance, evaluations/inspections, GAP analysis, safety leadership training, compliance services, OSHA assistance, and customized training. 

If you would like a fresh perspective on how to take your safety program to the next level, please reach us at info@ascentrmg.com.