About Us

Our Culture


A word from Ascent CEO, Brent Messmer about our culture....

Our culture defines us; our company character and values start at the top and filters their way through the organization at every level. 

There is what we refer to as the "Ascent Attitude"; defined by how we treat each other, the high standards to which we hold ourselves both personally and professionally, and our absolute passion for what we do. It's how we are viewed by those inside and outside the organization. 

We recruit and retain consistent with our core values to ensure employees provide positive energy inside of Ascent, which allows us to maintain our best places to work culture. 

Our culture allows employees to feel valued and empowered to make a difference. 


"I have been with Matrix  going on nine years of my very long working life and never in my past job opportunities have I felt the kindness, compassion and appreciation of what I do for my clients anywhere but at Matrix. Thank you for the planter,  recognition and kindness you show to me." -Pay Byers, Nurse Case Manager

Voted Best Places to Work for the last ten years.