Our Services

Return to Work Strategies

What tools are you currently using to minimize your workers' comp claims costs? Ascent provides a number of services to help get your injured workers back on the job sooner. Return-to-work programs not only benefit the employer, but they also benefit the employee by providing gradual recovery and boosting employee morale, in turn, productivity and engagement.

Modified Duty Off-Site

Ascent's Modified Duty Off-Site services work in conjunction with the employer, injured worker, and a local non-profit agency to facilitate a speedy and safe gradual release so they can return to their original position.

Field Case Management

Our credentialed, hands-on case managers offer an individual, consultative approach to ensure high quality medical care and comprehensive exchange of information between the injured worker, employer and medical providers.

Telephonic Case Management

Licensed nurses telephonically assess, plan, implement and coordinate all case management activities for the injured employee to evaluate the medical needs and facilitate the patient's appropriate and timely return to work.

Nurse Triage

The Nurse Triage process introduces medical expertise at the onset of claims. Triage identifies the severity of each claim and with a four point contact quickly outlines the recommended next steps.

Transitional Work Program Development

Our vocational specialists can assist in creating a formal transitional work program for your organization, creating a custom written return-to-work policy and job analyses to assist employers and physicians in providing suitable accommodations for injured employees.